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I am a former employee of the Government of India.  Although I am an Accountant by profession, during a substantial part of my service, my involvement was in the area of Information Technology, as a solution designer, trainer and consultant.  I hold Postgraduate Degrees/Diplomas in Commerce (M Com), Computer Applications (MCA), Business Management (DBM), English Language and Literature (MA), Communication and Journalism (MCJ),   Public Administration (MA),  History (MA), Sociology (MA), Philosophy and Religion (MA), Politics (MA) and Gandhian Thoughts (MA). I am a Fellow Member of the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (FCMA).

I am a religious person.  But I do not believe in the dictum of any one faith having exclusive right of way over the route to heaven.  I respect all faiths and invest time to understand various religious thoughts and philosophies.    I have remained a student all my life, in every sense of the term, and aspire to remain so. 

Through this blog, I seek to share what I learn, understand and experience.

I hope what I share would be of interest and value to you.

Thanks & Regards,


V Georgekutty

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