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This project is the result of the help and support extended to me by family, friends and well-wishers. I remain indebted to them for putting the idea of blogging into my head and for supporting me with their valuable time and efforts in making it a reality.

This is essentially a work in progress open for continuous improvements. And this space is for any reader wishing to tell me something on improving the look, feel, and features of this blog and on the content and quality of the posts.  You may also let me know about any specific topic or issue falling within the areas I seek to cover through my posts, as indicated in the About page.

And finally, I would request you to visit the Author page to get an idea of my profile so that your feedbacks and suggestions may be aligned to it.

I value your inputs and will give time bound response to every bona fide message.

It is a promise.

Thank you for sparing your valuable time.

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  1. It’s regarding the font-face on this page Sir. Please use the same font-face throughout, if possible. It’s just a minor detail, but I know your love for exactness 🙂

    1. I have just got the blog moved from the free platform (blogspot) to a paid platform (WordPress). The blog had remained blocked for over fortnight. I am still learning the ropes of it. That is why I did not notice your observations forthwith.
      My friend Sivakumar is helping me with this. He is a busy guy. So, one by one, I am trying to learn and improve things. I have aged and ceased to be as quick to grasp things as in the past!!
      And you have said what was in my own mind.
      Thank you Hari.

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